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    One of the best examples of Gothic Gothic architecture from the 15th to the 17th centuries


    St Mary Magdalene Church

    The Church of St. Mary Magdalene is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture of Madrid, although in its decoration it mixes elements of other styles such as the Renaissance or the Baroque. Its construction began at the beginning of the 15th century and ends in the first quarter of the 17th century, is built on different stages, matching the momentum given by different important characters of the Toledan archbishopric: Archbishop Martínez Contreras, Cardinal Mendoza, Cardinal Cisneros, Alonso Fonseca

    The church is basilical divided into three naves, being the central one wider and taller than the lateral. The three ships are covered by cross vaults.

    The header, polygonally, has two side chapels, the Gospel and the Epistle, and the main chapel between the two.

    In the Church there are five side chapels, three of them open to the north side, contained by the outer buttresses and the other two on the south side, later construction and detached to the original style. In addition, there is an open space in the body under the tower and that corresponds to the old baptismal chapel.

    The high chorus is at the foot of the temple, raised over three car-panel arches and accessed by a staircase… The choir includes grandstand for the organ.

    Burials: for a long time and until the cemetery was built in the 19th century, the church was the place where people were buried, this has motivated the ground to be covered by a large number of headstones from different eras. Headstones have been lifted several times for hygiene reasons, safety and improvement of the soil.

    Main cover or of San Ildefonso: is located under the tower, way of pouring water, gargoyles and corner pinnacles.

    Southern or Resurrection Cover: door by which you usually access.



    Plaza Mayor, 3, 28180 Torrelaguna, Madrid


    Free visits:
    Saturdays: of 11 to 14 h and in the afternoon before mass.
    Sundays: of 11 to 12 h.

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