• Enjoy authentic mountain flavours

    Hotel restaurant the forge Inn It pays tribute to the area in which lies and presents in his letter, short but intense and forceful, a range of local produce, as vegetables, vegetables, eggs and poultry and the magnificent meat, as well as the pig and cod, is not the saw but it is one of the quintessential mountain dishes always.

    A traditional and homemade cuisine, Madrid gastronomy with interior point where stews, meats, the home-made desserts, they have the greater role.

    He smiles, saborea y sueña…..que la Posada seguirá “calmando el hambre y la sed” del viajero.

    Serrano cod recipe


    COD, onions, garlic, red pepper, beef pepper chorizo and olive SEES oil.


    Roast the peppers in the oven. In a pan pour l'huile d'olive VE, chopped onion, a head of garlic with shell split in half.

    When this fact the sauce add cod loins, that have previously been desalted, and we cook on the bed of onion and garlic, two minutes per side. We depart the cod.

    Roasted and peeled peppers, they bind to the sautéed onion and garlic, y se añade la carne de pimiento choricero y los batimos para crear la salsa que uniremos al bacalao para acabar cocinando todo cinco minutos a fuego lento.

    Our chefs specialize in traditional cuisine and the staff of "Posada la forge". Estarán encantados de atenderos.

    C / The forge, 9

    28737 Gandullas (Madrid)

    Crta. M-137

    Tel. 918696361 Whatsapp 606454898



    Schedule: Friday to Sunday and public holidays. (Lunch and dinner)

    Rest of day: According to occupation of the hotel and reservations.


    SCHEDULE: Friday, Saturdays and Sundays bridges and holidays of 12 morning to 17:00h and 20:30 to 12 of the night.

    Open aperitif Piñuécar-Gandullas-strolling

    These small towns, they form a precious rural architecture municipality, characterised by the use of stone, Adobe and wood.

    The natural surroundings are perfect for activities such as hiking and horse riding routes, Why walk in the surroundings is a pleasure, aunque actividades de aventura también son una buena opción cercana a este municipio. El Embalse de Puentes Viejas con su fauna y bosques abraza el termino municipal, where can you go fishing or canoeing.

    The artistic heritage has its maximum representation in the churches of San Simon in Piñuécar and Nuestra Señora de la Paz in Gandullas. As well as the "stone of the times". En las afueras del municipio en una ruta señalizada se pueden encontrar multitud de restos de la Guerra Civil , así como de bunkers, trenches, the Observatory of the head in Piñuecar, and the "casemate", a bunker that was used to install the pieces of artillery and refuge.

    Descubre la innumerables historias que han surgido en estos paisajes.

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