• Sierra del Rincón

    Horcajuelo de la Sierra

    Horcajuelo de la Sierra is located in the so-called Sierra del Rincón currently listed by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, in relation to its many natural and cultural values.

    It is located in the southern foothills of the Ayllón massif. Their physical environment is rough and it is dominated by pine and oak, interspersed with large areas of scrub, in the vicinity you can see meadows and terraced cultivation.

    Although the settlement was established after the Reconquest, with King Alfonso VI, Horcajuelo de la Sierra seguía sufriendo incursiones moriscas. Its main economic engine at the time was livestock. Wool production led to the creation of the Honoured Council of the PastoralIst's Stand, during the reign of Alfonso X, regulating rights of passage and grazing in addition to granting its benefactors certain privileges such as exempting themselves from military service and testifying in trials.

    The village sits at the pointed edge of a hill whose skirts to run two of the streams of the term. Not have developed second home developments, the village has preserved its environmental quality and traditional architectural characteristics. In 1980 was declared a "core of rural interest" and the new buildings have respected the indigenous typologies and materials. Currently this has marked its tourism development.

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    Municipality information

    Altitude: 1.145 m

    Nº people: 89 (data INE 2020)

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