• Montejo de la Sierra

    Granja Prados Montes

    farm meadows mountains

    La Granja Prados Montes, es una granja profesional enclavada en la Sierra del Rincón, in Montejo de la Sierra, working with ancient fruit and vegetable varieties and native and endangered sheep and goats. We also have hives that are also from the black Iberian bee.

    Since July we are in conversion to certified ecological in beekeeping and agriculture; in addition our commitment is to manage our livestock extensively and without feed with GMOs.

    We have signed a territory custody agreement with the International Foundation for the Restoration of Ecosystems, that endorses us as an exploitation that carries out all possible good practices to improve and coexist with the natural biodiversity of the environment.

    It's a family farm, which for now generates a job and a way of life closely linked to the territory and the maintenance of customs and customs.

    Product name
    Granja Prados Montes

    Product description
    Lamb, honey, red fruits, apples and cherries.

    Place of processing
    Montejo de la Sierra

    Contact information

    Travesía del Turco, 12 – 28190 Montejo de la Sierra – Madrid

    647514302 / 654946542

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