• El Berrueco, La Cabrera, Valdemanco, Bustarviejo and Rascafría

    GR 10

    Path of travel great linking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, starting from Valencia and ending in Lisbon.

    This road crosses the area south of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, by the Pontón de la Oliva and out through the port of Cotos in its variant GR 10.1. Currently this route is being modified by a problem in the area of La Cabrera by what has been cut. The stretch of GR-10 we describe below part of El Berrueco and ends at the port of Cotos.

    Variety of landscapes on this tour, from the granite landscape of La Cabrera to the pine forests of the Pto. in Canencia, and the moors of the Morcuera mountain. In the area of the port of Morcuera travel enters the National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, allowing us to enjoy its landscapes of mountain, under which forests of pines and Oaks spread. From La Morcuera the road down to the area of the monastery of el Paular, giving us wonderful panoramic views of the long rope and the massifs of Peñalara and the Montes Carpetanos. From el Paular, area of great patrimonial value, the road ascends by the valuable pine forests of el Paular to the port of Cotos.

    Due to its length, for day trips, loose sections can be, as El Berrueco the Cabrera, La Cabrera - Valdemanco, Puerto de La Morcuera Canencia, or del paular to the Puerto de Cotos.


    Point of departure: El Berrueco. The pillory square. To be a great travel route, We can set the start in any of the villages or nodes through which.

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