• Middle of the Lozoya valley


    Gascon is located in the Valle del Lozoya in the middle of its travel section. At this point, the Madrid River as it passes through the region leaves landscapes of gentle slopes with forest formations dominated by oak and pine forests, and clear inside upholstered by cool and wet meadows.

    As all the municipalities in the Middle Valley, they are places for rural tourism with a large number of cattle trails, various elements of the rural heritage associated with them as a wool laundry, pastoral units..., as well as traditional houses and well-preserved barns within the urban area.

    Its name comes from the Gascon, French on the other side of the Pyrenees who settled in this place in search of a place where caring for their cattle. Until the 18th century, this municipality was formed by three nuclei, the Headstall, Palomares and Gascon.

    Gascon belonged to the adjacent room, within the land of Buitrago, under the management of the Manor of Pedro González de Mendoza until the middle of the 19th century, When they start to disappear the municipal manors of Spain. While the Civil war ended completely with this territory, the people rebuilt it in the traditional style.

    ¡Descubre con Sierra Norte de Madrid the peoples of Madrid!

    Among its architectural heritage stands the Iglesia de Santo Tomás Apóstol, The Ferris wheel and the Herrar's Potro.

    Municipality information

    Altitude: 1.045 m

    Nº people: 176 (data INE 2020)


    Water wheel
    Parish Church of Saint Thomas

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