• Valle Alto del Lozoya

    Garganta de los Montes

    The mountains and the Cuadrón Gorge, populations located in the extreme northwest of the community of Madrid, they are the gateway to the high Valley of the Lozoya, one of the most special places of the Sierra Madrileña. Hidden among mountains and hills, are open to the river for its northern, where the Riosequillo reservoir holds the water of the Lozoya, Real Madrid's community spring. His landscapes are the result of slow modeling of the human being which for centuries has made use of this territory. The traditional use of natural resources has left an unmistakable mark of printed in landscape; This land of cattle travelled by cattle trails and canyons form a mosaic of meadows, Oaks and dwarf that invite you to promenade.

    Garganta de los Montes was born between the XIV and XV centuries, in middle age, caused by the settlement of shepherds who repopulated the area and made it grow over the following two centuries. Its main economic engine was then flax and grain crops and livestock. Later, at the end of the 16th century, "bubonic plague" made to shrink the population, Although this was recovered years later. And in 1833, Throat begins to depend on Madrid.

    Among the charms of this town are its traditional housing and agricultural buildings and the parish church of San Pedro Apóstol, at the end of the 15th century, Although its history goes back to the guilds of the Virgin and San Isidro, existing 100 years before.

    ¡Descubre con Sierra Norte de Madrid the peoples of Madrid!

    Municipality information

    Altitude: 1.135 m

    Nº people: 377 (data INE 2020)


    Parochial Church of San Pedro
    Ruta de subida al Mondalindo

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