• Middle of the Lozoya valley


    Gandullas, situado a 3,5 km de distancia de Piñuécar, and scarce 5 Km from Buitrago del Lozoya, Which is the capital of the region, The territory of this district is predominantly plain, With a slight slope eastward, Until you reach the Madarquillos River, tributary of the Lozoya.

    Although it is not known exactly the date of the founding of the people seems to have demonstrated its repopulation after the reconquest; It can be supposed that it was formed by shepherds of the land of Buitrago, That would raise huts to shelter from the inclement weather.

    As a reminder of his past cattleman preserves the Forge, The Colt, The Stone of the time, The large supply, etc. We must also stop at the church that preserves the feudal era the stack of Christian vassals.

    A las afueras de Gandullas podemos visitar un bunker (Known as machine gun nest) Of the Spanish Civil War. It also has a satellite tracking station on the outskirts of the village. In addition, at the southern end of the term we can find a section of the Old Bridges reservoir in which to enjoy water activities.

    ¡Descubre con Sierra Norte de Madrid the peoples of Madrid!

    Conjunto urbano

    Red Local caminos

    Front of Somosierra

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