RUTA 2. Front of Somosierra

    Point of departurePoint of departure:
    Piñuecar or Gandullas

    Medium difficulty route if we climb Cerro de Piñuecar. Another jewel, in terms of historical tours, Sierra Norte. Tour one of the most important fronts of the Spanish Civil War and one of those that remained for the longest. This circumstance has bequeathed to us a multitude of war infrastructures on both sides.


    Distance: 7,4 km

    Time: 2h 10 min

    Positive slope: 142 m

    Difficulty: 2 / 5

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    We began our path next to the Church and walked through the village towards the cemetery. This is the starting point and arrival of the path.

    The first stretch of descent into Gandullas is related to the theme of the Civil War. On the map we can see the locations of their footprints, some of which are a few meters from the path and other little further, so visit them should leave the main track.

    From the cemetery we direct our steps along the road which is next to the wall to head Piñuecar. At the beginning of spring the cantuesos and thymes that cover its slopes cover it with purple tones creating a beautiful spectacle like few there are in the Sierra de Madrid. The path goes through grass meadows for cattle with some scattered holm oak and coscoja stands. The brambles, thyme and lavender are going to be our company all the way.

    On our right we go over the remnants of defensive positions of the Civil War: Bunkers of the Retamosa Peña, The Tomillar and Head Sailings. At the height of this last turn left in direction Gandullas and crossed an open oak forest that provides some shade for the hiker. If we are aware we will see, to our left, the bunker of the Zorreras penalty just before arriving at the rest area. This area is a magnificent viewpoint from where contemplate Gandullas, the old station of telecommunication antennas and everything south of the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    We descend towards Gandullas, where you can enjoy a snack, see his Church and the “stone of the times” that marked the irrigation shifts as a sundial.

    Behind the church comes the road that will take us back to the cemetery. The landscape changes completely. Meadows of green grass and stone walls bordering the farms lead us to a moking poplar with a stork's nest in the glass. We turn right to catch the “Colada de la Zarcilla” and we take the first detour to the left that will take us on permanent ascent to the cemetery.

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    Hiking is an activity that carries certain risks if minimum safety guidelines are not followed, it is also a practice that is carried out in the natural environment so we must know some conservation standards that help us to make the least possible impact.

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