• Recreation Area in front of the Visitor Reception Center

    Montejo de la Sierra

    It is a large area at the exit of the village towards the Port of El Cardoso, very nice and quiet, para disfrutar en familia de una gran panorámica del término de Montejo de la Sierra y de la Sierra del Rincón. It is located in the same village, of great historical interest in its low-medieval city centre, with such interesting elements as St. Peter's Parish Church, the Ermita de la Soledad, the Colt Horseshoe, or the House of the Hanging Oven. On the streets and streets you can admire the constructions of dry stone walls typical of this area. From there you can also easily walk or drive to the Hermitage of Nazareth, así como a las sendas Verdes de La Dehesa y las Huertas.

    Municipal district: Montejo de la Sierra. [How to get there]

    Address: Salida del pueblo hacia Puerto de El Cardoso Ctra. M 139

    Quality of access: Well


    Juegos infantiles


    DURING ALL YEAR IT IS PROHIBITED TO produce and use fire in any type of operations or activities, as well as using fire to cook or heat, unless expressly authorized in the cases established.

    > REPORTS. DECREE 59/2017 OF 6 JUNE


    A responsible attitude on the field trips

    – You don't light bonfires or use portable barbecues, take the meal prepared in house. Throughout the year it is forbidden to make and use fire in any operations or activities, as well as use fire for cooking or warming, unless expressly authorized in the cases established.

    – Do not throw cigarette butts or glasses.

    – Do not abandon wastes. Used containers.

    – NO cuts or boots of plants, branches, fruits or firing of any site without proper authorization.

    – NO fear, feed or causes damage to livestock.

    Avoid produce disturbances to wildlife.

    – RESPECT the fences leaving closing fences in the same position in which they are.

    – LISTENING to nature. Avoid the noise produced by radios and other sound devices.

    – NOT ride by forest tracks unless you're authorized to do so. Park in the marked areas. The law provides penalties of 100 to 1.000 EUR.

    – The camping is prohibited throughout the territory of the community of Madrid, It may only be made on grounds duly delimited and equipped ("camping").

    – BATHING areas: You can only swim in areas listed as eligible, bathing in unknown areas, or in which the bathroom is prohibited can cause numerous health risks. The bathroom is of 15 from May to 15 September.

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