• Lozoya

    Space concerns

    At Espacio Concerns we teach courses and workshops essentially practical, so that learning arises from doing things for oneself. In each of them we include the materials and raw materials so that about what one works throughout the day then you can take it home. Courses and workshops cover a diverse theme: natural cosmetics, soaps, DIY for orchards and terraces, toy-making, Agroecology, lombriculture, canned, sourdough bread, photography, DIY for home and crafts, candles… Workshops are held over a full day. In them we include the midday meal to recharge forces and chat among the attendees.

    We also offer workshops for children accompanied by adults. They are an hour and a half long and in them can be performed, according to the workshop, soaps and candles or tending an organic orchard and chicken coop.

    Hope in the Sierra Norte de Madrid. In the Square of the Four Caños of Lozoya…

    Contact information

    Plaza Marqués de Lozoya, 10. 28742 Lozoya. (Madrid)

    688 972 555

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