• Low Valley of the Lozoya

    El Atazar

    The municipal district of El Atazar is located at the northeast edge of the community of Madrid. The Lozoya River, embalmed by the El Atazar dam serves as a natural border with the neighboring Patones and flows into it various streams and the Riato River. Alternate in the landscape pine forests and a huge variety of lowland species such as the splendour, Rosemary, the steppe jar...

    Many shepherds began to build huts and pens next to their pastures that later became settled dwellings, although there are those who believe that its origin is due to the establishment of an Islamic camp during the 12th century, but there is no evidence to specifically defend it.

    With the Civil War and the construction of the El Atazar reservoir, the population of the municipality declined considerably, reaching only the 80 inhabitants, although today that number has gone back.

    Remains of fences are still on the outskirts of the municipality, tinados groups, ancient terraces intended for crops and the peculiar eras with circular form of slate and quartzite. The most unique building is the Church of Santa Catalina de masonry slate and whose general style is baroque of the s. 17TH.

    ¡Descubre con Sierra Norte de Madrid the peoples of Madrid!

    Municipality information

    Altitude: 995 m

    Nº people: 90 (data INE 2020)


    Church of Santa Catalina de Alexandria
    Atazar Dam and Hydraulic Insilations
    Eras de Trillar

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