• Two routes that run through the forgotten of the Spanish Civil war relics, in the Sierra Norte de Madrid

    The Sierra Norte de Madrid keeps lots of history of our past. Today I'll talk about its military heritage. To find out, you will have to get the Middle Valley and lower Valley of the Lozoya, why we propose two routes that run through the vestiges of forgotten of the Spanish civil war in the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    I approached these routes through Marina González Fernández, Wildfire by Jorge González and Cristina Cabrera Taravillo (researchers from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) that you have recently published an article, called "forgotten relics: the Civil war in front of Somosierra"where they explain in detail various infrastructure originated during the Spanish Civil war and the importance of"build and conserve its memory, social and historical, in favour of our heritage".

    This article refers to the importance that had the resistance of the peoples of the Middle Valley and lower Valley of the Lozoya, to prevent the taking of Madrid during the Spanish Civil War; Since the best way to take the capital, from the North, was across the road "national N-1", passing through Somosierra.

    For this reason, the territory keeps countless infrastructures and items of interest, some very well preserved. However, others are not so much, so it has set up plans for the conservation and appreciation of this heritage, in order to protect these resources and to publicize its history to all those visitors and tourists who come to know him, or anyone interested in the study of this event.

    In this article, We will mention some points of interest located in this region which are detailed in the full article.

    Armed elements of the Middle Valley of the Lozoya

    The Front of Somosierra, which can be visited through the trail between Piñuécar and Gandullas, It was very important at the beginning of the war, However, It was forgotten rather quickly due to the difficulty that had both sides to move forward in the territory. For this reason he was started to call "Wall of steel" or "The parapet of death".

    If you decide to make this route, You'll find your way: the penalty of the German, It also had its part in history, Since it was the most advanced point of the Republican Army and where there is a small machine gun nest made of masonry; and the head Hill in Piñuecar, It has a Fort and an observatory located on a high Hill used as command post, Since then be easily seen the war front. In addition to these specific places, along the path by the Front of Somosierra We can find other trenches and bunkers.

    At this time also built a network of trenches that came up to Madarcos, which was used to defend the dam. La Llorona and Peña Zorreras also boast other nests of machine guns, the latter with three pockets and a versatile plant, easily visible being located on a rocky hill.

    If you want to make this route with a guide interpreter, There are companies in the area with which they can contact:

    Armed elements of the low Valley of the Lozoya

    The second proposed route is the of the Water front, It acted as a defense of the old bridge and El Villar dams, water supply to the capital. This route has the largest concentration of military infrastructure of the Civil war in this territory, nests of machine guns, bunkers, trenches, command posts...

    If you want to make this route with a guide interpreter, There are companies in the area with which they can contact:

    If you are curious and you want to read more about these vestiges of forgotten Civil war in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, We leave the article. conducted by these researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, that we love it receive and reproduce in our blog. ""Forgotten ruins: the Civil war in front of Somosierra"".

    If you decide to come to the Sierra Norte de Madrid and make some of these two routes, don't forget that you can extend your stay staying in any of its lodgings and, Of course, enjoy the mountain cuisine in its wide range of restaurants.

    If you like to have it all organized, the 21st century traveller agency sells a package tour called "the front line" to come to the two routes, in two days, two nights, with accommodation, Guide and meals included. Here's all the information and the price: In water front and the line of the front Sector Peña in German.

    We wait for you!!

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