• Enjoy an unforgettable summer in the Sierra Norte of Madrid

    The Sierra Norte of Madrid is an oasis that falls in love with everyone who comes to visit and, often, becomes that quick getaway for the fall months, winter and spring that can not miss. But don't forget, which is such an authentic and fresh destination that during the summer months in the northern highlands of Madrid you will live in an authentic paradise.

    Looking for inspiration to choose your vacation destination for this summer 2021?

    The Sierra Norte of Madrid makes it easy for you, once you understand the reasons why you choose it, you will not be able to opt for another destination.

    The Sierra Norte of Madrid is an ideal destination for summer

    Top reasons to choose The Sierra Norte de Madrid for your summer holidays are:

    Its nature, in its purest form. In the Sierra Norte de Madrid there is a Biosphere Reserve and much of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, so it becomes the most protected territory in the Community of Madrid.

    Its peoples, let's see the most rural area of Madrid. Just a few minutes from the city are the smallest villages of the Community of Madrid, with just 40 inhabitants.

    Your local product, will show you the good know-how, the real flavors, smells and colors of "the products of before", Grandma's.

    Its gastronomy, offers you an identity of your own. Thanks to the good hands of our cooks, of his patience, honey and use of the local product in your dishes, you will be able to taste an original and indigenous character that will not leave your palate indifferent.

    Their traditions, show us the great personality that this territory possesses, traditions that endure in time and are worthy to know.

    Its activities,are for all audiences, whether you're traveling as a couple, family or friends... in the Sierra Norte in Madrid there's room for everyone and for everyone.

    Your accommodations, dreamy will never cease to amaze you, feel at home and come to the fireplace to enjoy the smell of wood.

    Now that you have chosen the destination Sierra Norte de Madrid, we present your 6 valleys and we accompany the information with some proposals of routes to discover them and to enjoy them in this summer 2021:

    Valle Alto del Lozoya, along the 8 municipalities that comprise it will be able to visit some of the most interesting natural and cultural landscapes of the community of Madrid: Rascafría, Oteruelo del Valle, Valley Mall, Pinilla del Valle, Lozoya, Gargantilla del Lozoya, Pinilla de Buitrago, Navarredonda, San Mamés, Garganta de los Montes, The Cuadrón, Canencia.

    Middle of the Lozoya valley, immerse yourself in the middle section of this river and discover the municipalities of Piñuecar, Gandullas, La Acebeda, Braojos, Buitrago del Lozoya, Gascon, Madarcos, La Serna del Monte, Villavieja del Lozoya, Robregordo, Somosierra, Horcajo de la Sierra, Aoslos.

    Low Valley of the Lozoya, one of the coolest places around the El Atazar reservoir in the Sierra Norte of Madrid. The municipalities to visit in this area are: El Atazar, Cervera de Buitrago, El Berrueco, Old bridges, (Mangiron, Cinco Villas, Walls of Buitrago, Source serrated), Berzosa del Lozoya, Robledillo de la Jara

    Sierra de La Cabrera, a granitic serrezuela of great morphological interest. This mountain range includes the municipalities of Bustarviejo, La Cabrera, Navalafuente, Lozoyuela, Navas de Buitrago, Sieteiglesias, Cabanillas de la Sierra, Valdemanco, Venturada

    Sierra del Rincón, In the Sierra del Rincón you will find a total of five municipalities:The Hiruela,Montejo de la Sierra,Prádena del Rincón,Horcajuelo de la Sierra and Puebla de la Sierra

    The Jarama Valley, its municipalities: Torremocha del Jarama,Redueña,Patones,Torrelaguna and El Vellón – El Espartal, they have a great cultural heritage.

    Get ready and enjoy your holidays in the Sierra Norte of Madrid!

    Renew your energy by 100%, because The Sierra Norte of Madrid has that "something" so special that will fill you with joy and dynamism.

    Enjoy the absence of mass tourism, a privilege in the months of July and August and that in this year 2021 so much you need.

    Remember that the Sierra Norte of Madrid welcomes responsible tourists!

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