Snow sports

The terrain and climate of the Sierra Norte mountains one of the main enclaves in the downtown area for the skiing and snow in all its forms activities make.

Without the need for large displacements, less than an hour from Madrid we have alpine ski resort of Valdesqui, with more than 22 km. ski areas and a ski and snowboard school. Very close to this, in the port of Cotos, We have a circuit of up to 5 km for the practice of cross-country skiing, in the area of La Prairie. From the restoration carried out by the community of Madrid after the Elimination of Alpine Ski Valcotos has boosted this mode of enjoyment from the snow. This track in the background, If snow conditions permit, It's tread to get a circuit for modes classic and skating. It can be accessed from the north end of the parking of Los Cotos. There is an area for beginners. Access is free and open.

The mountain or cross-country skiing, It is another of the modalities that we can practice both on the slopes and peaks of greater height in the massifs of Peñalara, Long rope, , as in the area of Navafria (Montes Carpetanos) or the port of Somosierra in the three provinces peak and its vicinity.

And on these same scenarios, and in almost all the mountainous alignments of the Sierra Norte, snow permitting, Another activity for everyone that we can perform are snowshoe routes, guided or on our own.




28741 Valdesquí, Madrid

91 852 39 52

el refugio nevado

El Refugio de Cotos

km 40, M-604, 28740, Madrid


Big plans in the snow
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