• GASTRONOMY. Plans in the Sierra Norte de Madrid

    From the garden to the table

    Live the experience of visiting an organic garden, enjoy the scenery and discover the work of Earth, through a horticulture workshop, adapted also to the smaller House.

    Learn how to pick up everything that is grown in the season and bring you a basket of those products that you've been able to pick up with your hands. And besides,, drop them into a restaurant that will cook them with the touch, the aroma and intense taste of the mountain gastronomy.

    Horticulture workshop: 15€
    Daily menu: 12€ / Person
    Set menu on weekends: 25€ / Person

    Dates: Available Thursday through Saturday.

    Duration: 4 – 5 total hours

    Orchard of April in Bustarviejo.
    Restaurant Fuente del Collado Bustarviejo.

    Services included:
    Orchard workshop 2/3 hours. Get started in the management of an organic garden. Since the preparation of the Earth, plant production or land subscriber. Also possibility of approach to the urban garden.
    Minimum group 8 people.
    Guided tour of the local and organic products market 1 time.
    Set menu at the Fountain of the Collado.

    It organizes / Contact

    Our orchards Sierra Norte, S.L.

    Camino de Las Viñas, 28720 Bustarviejo (Madrid)

    Christian Gonzalez: 656 809 191
    Carlos Suárez: 669 493 412

    Source of the Hill restaurant

    Collado Fountain Recreation Area, M-610, right past Old Vulture 28720 (Madrid)

    Rafael Sousa: 669 818 272

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