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    Curso de Snowboard

    Forget about topics, myths and fears, snowboarding conquers. Nothing beats a day on the mountain accompanied by friends, couple or family members to know that this is one of the best experiences with which to enjoy the winter.

    Initiation course, for a first contact with the table, or course of improvement, to approach each curve with determination and confidence.

    For the most experienced riders, the course can be carving, freeride or splitboard.

    The duration is 4 hours in all cases, with a lunch break.

    60 €

    Precio: 60 €

    Meeting point:


    La Pinilla

    Tourist accommodation in the Upper and Middle Lozoya Valley.

    Where the activity takes place:

    Valdesquí, Rascafría

    Dates: On-demand

    Duration: 4 hours

    It includes: Snowboarding course with level graduate teacher 2 accident insurance.


    Price for course 2 people.

    Course for 1 Person: 100 €

    Discount 5% guests staying in hotels and country houses in the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    It organizes / Contact

    Madrid Backcountry.

    645 329 367

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