• Bustarviejo

    Bee things

    Company dedicated to professional apiculture in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, specializing in breeding, selection and sale of bee Queen, beekeeping training at all levels teaching introductory courses, advanced courses, courses of breeding and selection of bee Queen, courses of instrumental insemination of bees Queen, monographs on the management of beehives of vertical development in high production and beekeeping workshops for schools, Beekeeping advice for projects.

    Address of the IBERIAN research project 2019 – 2021 -Genetic improvement in Apis mellifera iberiensis resistant to Varroa destructor in co-authorship with Arista Bee Research EU and USDA Bee Research EEUU.

    Collection service of swarms laid down in the community of Madrid.

    Beekeeping training for all levels:

    • Courses of introduction to beekeeping (2 weekend days)
    • Advanced beekeeping courses (60 hours March through October)
    • Breeding courses, selection and introduction of bee Queen (32 hours- 2 weekend)
    • Courses of instrumental insemination of bees Queen.
    • Beekeeping for colleges and institutes workshops.
    • Beekeeping advice.
    • Research projects on bees Apis mellifera iberiensis.
    • Presentations and lectures for university faculties and congresses.
    Contact information

    Calle de los Remedios 3, 28720, Bustarviejo

    687 510 822

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