• “Conectamos” Negocio, Ocio y Naturaleza – El nuevo directorio de espacios para reuniones de empresa en la Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    In companies, one of the essential and important pillars is undoubtedly the human team. That's why, it is advisable from time to time to carry out a series of actions that keep employees happy and motivated in order to create team and generate a link with business philosophy and objectives. In this sense, carry out activities outside the scope of the usual office or reconnect after almost a year of telework in which we have seen rather little, can be of great help. Now more than ever, the connection "Business, leisure and nature" is highly productive and even necessary, and that's what we know a lot about in the Sierra Norte de Madrid that's why, hemos creado el Directorio “Espacios para reuniones y eventos de negocios en la Sierra Norte de Madrid”.

    business, leisure and nature, ven a descubrir lo mejor de los tres mundos en la Sierra Norte de Madrid

    Sometimes the pace of work prevents us from discovering talent, creativity or the potential of the human teams we work with, this is because once we enter our workplaces we are absorbed by the task, we focus on what needs to be done, we focus on our work as if we were watertlying departments. Companies are diverse organizations with different hierarchies, but the common thing to almost all is that the departments are made up of people and that there is interrelationship between them. This relationship must flow and be engaged for everything to work properly; this is why trying to make the work environment friendly for fruitful results and sometimes get out of the daily routine and get a rapprochement between workers in a different environment from the workplace and hold safe and outdoor meetings can be the solution to reconnect.

    Madrid's Sierra Norte is the ideal space for organizing business events and meetings, little numerous, safe and outdoors, we offer spaces equipped with technology and meeting equipment, conferences, training events and a long etc. that when carried out outside the premises of companies, interruptions are avoided that discourage and break the rhythm.

    Some of these spaces also allow the possibility of lodge and also have spaces for restoration para complementar la reunión con una cena más o menos distendida. Si deseamos tener una experiencia 360º proponemos la realización de algún plan leisure-oriented to do so as a group, do some of the routes existing hiking, or discover the different Peoples que conforman la comarca de la Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    There is also the possibility to organize team building activities aimed at analyzing, work, enhance and consolidate cohesion, creatividad y motivación de los trabajadores a través de la práctica de actividades vivenciales que no solo mejoran las capacidades y actitudes de los trabajadores sino que además también fomentan el teamwork and foster relationships between members and different departments of the company. They are trainings that are carried out through playful or sporting activities, generally tailor-made to analyze those aspects that are of interest. Analysis-oriented activities are carried out outdoors and once employees are finished, usually, draw conclusions that can contribute to improving the working climate and its working environment.

    In the Sierra Norte in Madrid there are several companies specialized in this type of services with which you can design the set of activities depending on the needs of the company and the objectives that you wish to achieve.

    And if you are self-employed or teleworking you can also enjoy the coworking spaces in the best office in the world if you come to the Sierra Norte of Madrid.

    Why you have to choose between business, leisure and nature if in the Sierra Norte of Madrid you can have it all? You will find it in our new Directory "Spaces for meetings and business events in the Sierra Norte de Madrid", that we will present in the next edition of FITUR 2021.

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