• El centro de artesanía del Valle del Jarama


    Centro Artesanal Torrearte

    It's a handicraft Center unique in the community of Madrid where 28 craftsmen and artists have located their workshops (Carving wood, joinery, artistic locksmith, vegetable fibers, Wicker, sculpture, etc.) as well as products of the land (organic fruits and vegetables, organic honey, pastry, cheese, soaps, etc.).

    This Center has a space dedicated to exhibitions and shop direct sale to the public of craft products.


    Exposición permanente

    Un Total 50 models of religious architecture from all over Spain, made with cork and different types of natural polychromia.

    Pedro Gete was born in Madrid, the 6 March of 1937, but soon moved to Montejo de la Sierra. He is currently retired, but continues to carry out conservation and dissemination of his works. His models reproduce, with great accuracy, key works in the history of Spanish architecture: Burgos, santiago de compostela, Lion, Palma de Mallorca and Toro. Among the wide variety of pieces is a tour of the Visigoth styles, Romanesque, Mudéjar and Baroque.



    C / torrearte, 3. 28189 Torremocha de Jarama (Madrid)

    Visitor management

    On request visits can be arranged, workshops, activities and courses.

    Horario y Precio de la Exposición Permanente

    From Tuesday to Friday: From 10.00 h to 14.00 h
    Saturday, Sunday and Festivities 11.00 h to 14.00 H

    Free entrance, through the tourist information office.

    Museums de la Sierra Norte de Madrid
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