The cascade of purgatory. Rascafría

    Point of departurePoint of departure:
    Rascafría. Bridge of forgiveness.

    The Purgatory Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall that forms the stream of the Aguilón due to the narrowing of the rocky walls that channel it. The route that departs from the Bridge of Forgiveness, it also offers heritage attractions such as the monastery of Paular or naturals such as the Giner de los Ríos arboretum. A route for the family and suitable for any season of the year.


    Distance: 11,8 km

    Time: 3h 35 min

    Positive slope: 264 m

    Difficulty: 3 / 5

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    The walk to the waterfall of purgatory is one of the most emblematic routes that discover us the Valle del paular. The route follows part of the historic camino de Madrid or La Morcuera, He joined la Cartuja del paular with the Madrid Court through the port of Morcuera.

    The route starts from the monastery of Santa María de el Paular. We take the road that leads to the bridge of forgiveness, built during the first half of the s. 18th at the behest of the Carthusian community from el Paular to save the waters of the Lozoya River. The road runs between oak trees along this stretch of the historic camino de Madrid. We passed the crossing that would lead us to the hostel of the birches and in the area known as painters of Poza, We take the road that goes to our left. The road between robles soon approaching gable Brook, He already not moved away in the entire route. This Brook is one of the most important tributaries of the Lozoya.

    As we move forward the Oaks begin to alternate with Scots pine, that it will gradually taking the limelight. Along the stream are abundant trees and Alders of ribera, willows, maples, Ash, Birch...

    At the end of the tour, that I now walked along a path, arise cut contributors to large flock, vertical walls forming a congosto prelude to the beauty which forms the geological step of penalties in purgatory, by which the waters of the Brook of gable precipitate.

    For the return we have an alternative to not repeat all of the way. Arriving at the wooden bridge, rather than go straight where we came, We cross the bridge and follow the path that runs along the hillside of Umbria, and it flows into the camino de Madrid, that we add to the right.

    The bridge of forgiveness.

    This beautiful bridge built in granite Ashlar masonry, Since he referred to the monumentality of the monastery of el Paular, as well as which are the mountains that surround us, It was built in the s. 18th and should replace another bridge, more modest, but with the same purpose, cross the Lozoya River to access Los Batanes paper mill, where the monks manufactured paper. With this paper "The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote of la Mancha" was printed the most important book of Spanish literature in the year 1605.

    Also includes that by this bridge were led to the gallows inmates, they were executed in a place known as Casa de la Horca. The trial was held next to the bridge, and crossing this appealed his sentence, which meant his last chance to save the life.

    Hiking is an activity that carries certain risks if minimum safety guidelines are not followed, it is also a practice that is carried out in the natural environment so we must know some conservation standards that help us to make the least possible impact.

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