What is Carpetania?

Carpetania is a network of marked paths for hiking, although it also accommodates, on bike-specific or horse-riding itineraries. Carpetania is based on road recovery and signage, especially traditional and historical, and one of its main objectives is to achieve the total connectivity of the territory, joining populations and resources through signposted paths.

The Carpetania project is currently under development. Currently a 1st phase has already been ready that includes the perimeter and connection of the populations closest to the contour of the Network. In the second phase, that has already begun, work is being on the total connection of the network's inland populations.

How it works

Carpetania operates according to the concept of total connectivity of the territory applying the concept of road network in rural areas, a structure that allows the user to reach any point of the territory from anywhere non-motorized and move with absolute freedom and security around the area.

Carpetania functions as a road network but for hiking, where all nodes or populations and resources are connected to neighboring nodes, so it has no beginning or end. The Network allows the user to design their own itineraries by joining sections of the Network according to the resources or populations they want to visit, the time they have, the level, wherever they want to eat or stay overnight.

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Carpetania has a unified seed and is easily identifiable. Signage, based on the Swiss model, consists of different signalling elements along the roads of the Network. All roads of the Carpetania Network are marked with horizontal signage (yellow paint marks). At all the crossroads of the roads that make up the Network we find directional signals (poles with directional arrows). To complement signage, there are information billboards in each of the populations.

Itineraries of Carpetania

Carpetania offers users a collection of proposed itineraries on the roads of the Network, always under different themes that offer visitors and hikers the opportunity to walk to know and interpret the territory. These itineraries are based on different themes; Historical, Heritage, Ethnographic, Natural…

In addition, the Network offers those who practice trail runnig a series of itineraries “author's” designed by runners with experience in this sport.

Red Local

The Carpetania Road Network also has a Local Road Network that comprises itineraries around populations. These routes have a beginning and an end, can be circular or linear and have mostly a thematic character to show the unique resources of each population. To differentiate these routes the tip of the arrows is red, as well as follow-up marks.

Hiking is an activity that carries certain risks if minimum safety guidelines are not followed, it is also a practice that is carried out in the natural environment so we must know some conservation standards that help us to make the least possible impact.

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