The network of roads Carpetania signaling is based on the Swiss model and consists of the following elements of directional and informational signage.

Horizontal signaling

Horizontal or tracking signage are paint marks (Yellow) whose main function is to tell the hiking track. These brands are placed on natural supports (rocks, trees...) or artificial (light poles, walls, beacons).

The marks are located approximately every 300-400mts. depending on the guiding difficulty of the road.

Vertical signalling

It consists of a post directional flags and they are in all the crossroads of the network. In addition to the traditional name of the road, indicates the four nodes (populations, places of interest...) more offers in each direction, from the nearest to the least. The distance is indicated in kilometers and time.

If we see that the same population appears in several banners from a same pole, must be set if there is an indication just below the place name. If there isn't then that shorter is the way to get to that place. If the indication "by..." appears means that this is a longer alternative to get to that point by going another place or population.

The populations that appear on the same flag are not necessarily on the same route, because the path indicated by the flag can be divided and take each of the branches to different populations.

In each post there is a plate in which appears the registration signal, the name of the place where, the altitude and the UTM coordinates.

This icon that may appear on the yellow outline of the directional arrow marks the mountain bike itinerary CiclaMadrid MTB Tour.

Information billboards

To complement the roads network signaling, There are information boards in each of the municipalities included in the network of roads.

The billboards are double-sided, and allow you to place globally in the territory. On the one hand, It will contain the global map of the network of roads, and in the other an expanded vision of approximately 10 KMS. radius of the municipality where we are.

In addition to maps, It will include offices of tourist information of the Sierra Norte, a short guide to the operation of Carpetania, recommendations and standards for the use of the road network and the legend with the symbolism represented in the map

Local roads network Carpetania

In addition to the basic network that connects people and resources of the Sierra Norte, Carpetania has a Local network comprising thematic itineraries in the contours of the peoples.

To differentiate these tours, the tip of the arrows of the local routes as well as markings (painting), are red and the contents of the directional arrows does not indicate populations, except the name in which the route develops, but elements of natural or heritage interest.

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