Local roads network

Old bridges

A path in each of the four populations that make up the municipality. The common denominator is livestock activity that is still active, which provides living territory. It is also interesting to look at the geological characteristics of the soil, that changes as we move forward in the territory, and from which a very particular type of stone used in construction has traditionally been extracted.

In Cinco Villas you climb the Picazuelo, to 1250 m height, from where you can see much of the mountains in a panorama of 360 degrees.

Mangirón offers a typical Mediterranean ecosystem that leads to the shore of the El Villar reservoir.

Crossing the Old Bridge Dam, you will find the small villages of Paredes and Serrada, where livestock tracks allow for extensive livestock-like travel, still active.

Paredes offers the Camino de los Descansaderos and the Mill Road, it's been recently restored. And in Serrada, the signposted path leads to the great pine forest of Casasola, included in the Public Utility Mountains Catalogue in the year 1979.

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El molino de Paredes

Home: Walls of Buitrago
Distance: 3,1 km (IDA)
Desnivel +: 99 m

Ruta de El Picazuelo

Home: Cincovillas
Distance: 2,3 km
Desnivel +: 165 m

La Loma Vineyard

Home: Serrated source
Distance: 5,6 km
Desnivel +: 134 m

Ruta embalse de El Villar

Home: Mangiron
Distance: 5,4 km
Desnivel +: 145 m

Camino de los descansaderos

Home: Walls of Buitrago
Distance: 5,8 km
Desnivel +: 128 m

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