Local roads network


It consists of six marked itineraries, that you have different themes, you go from patrimoniales-historicas as the path of the task, other natural and ethnographic resources are its main assets, as the beautiful valley or orchards. But if you love climbing mountains, to enjoy an impressive panoramic view, You can not miss the ascent to the Mondalindo for the silver mine. For the lovers of mountain bike network has a route designed for them; the return to the banner.

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Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 19,6 km
Desnivel +: 450 m

Bustarviejo Valle Hermoso

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 14,3 km
Desnivel +: 360 m

Narrow streets of Vallehermoso

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 7,7 km
Desnivel +: 190 m

Mondalindo by Silver Mine

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 12,6 km
Desnivel +: 680 m

Destacamento penal y viaducto

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 7,3 km
Desnivel +: 190 m

Between pools and gardens

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 2,8 km
Desnivel +: 78 m

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