Camino Natural of the Valle del Lozoya

    Point of departurePoint of departure:
    Rascafría (Bridge of forgiveness), The Quadrangon or Buitrago. The beginning can be set in any of the villages where it passes.

    Fully equipped route for hiking and cycling. It goes through the upper lozoya valley in its entirety, allowing a tour of the populations that settle in the valley, it also goes through interesting heritage samples such as the monastery of Paular or the walls of Buitrago. Ideal for cycling in two or three days.


    Distance: 39 km

    Time: 14h

    Positive slope: 477 m

    Difficulty: 3 / 5

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    This path is composed of a main route and six complementary routes, that you offer the traveller the possibility of approaching to the Valle del Lozoya, a setting dotted with shrines hidden among pine trees, with the constant presence of the Lozoya River, and a rich biodiversity which highlights species such as the Spanish imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) or the Graellsia, a unique night Butterfly.

    The road begins at the bridge of forgiveness, in Rascafría, built in the 18th century. From this point he also part the first of the branches (Route of the Batanes).

    The main route part of Paular to Rascafría, and continues to Oteruelo, Valley Mall, Pinilla del Valle, Lozoya, Garganta de Los Montes, The Quarron and Buitrago del Lozoya.

    It consists of several branches as of los Batanes, of the Hermitage of Santa Ana, from the Ermita de la Concepción, the Hermitage of la Fuensanta, Canencia branch or which is directed to the Ermita de los Prados. The route with the constant presence of the Lozoya River, it also travels along the shore of the Pinilla swamp and gives us the opportunity to know some examples of historical civil architecture associated with the river such as the aforementioned Puente del Perdón (in the Paular) or the Puente del Congosto (Lozoya).

    Another important heritage resource associated with this route is the Valley archaeological site of Neandertals, in the municipality of Pinilla del Valle.

    It is an ideal for family travel, and can traverse small sections of a village to another, on foot or by bicycle. Passing through meadows along the Lozoya, Ash, bridges, the beautiful villages of the Valle del Lozoya, always surrounded by the high altitude of the massif of Peñalara, the long rope, the Altos del Hontanar or the Carpetanos Mountains.

    The length of the main route from El Paular (Rascafría) until the Cuadrón is of 31,7 km. If we continue to Buitrago del Lozoya you should add 7,2 km.

    It is a beautiful route to do it by stages, staying in any of the beautiful mountain villages by they who runs it is route and learn more about culture, the heritage or the cuisine of the region.

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