• Sierra de la Cabrera

    Cabanillas de la Sierra

    The municipality of Cabanillas de La Sierra is located in the south of the region on a land of gentle slopes where the pastures of ash and cereal crops predominate.

    Its name is linked to its origin since it was initially a settlement of shepherds who built their huts in this place. The importance of livestock is also attested by the set of glens that cross the municipality, and that today are an excellent opportunity for hiking.

    The urban core develops in the central area of the term, near the Sacedonon Creek. Unlike other urban areas it does not grow around the Church, but south of it, to extend later along the old road to France. The influence of this route was of great importance for the development of the people. Even today mixed pools of agricultural - residential origin and housing of rural typology are preserved.

    The archaeological remains found reveal the existence of Roman villas between the 3rd and 5th centuries by Redueña and Cabanillas de la Sierra, but it wasn't until the year 1.152 which is named as a population by King Alfonso VII. It was part of the Archbishopric of Toledo until the deamortization of Mendizábal, obtained as lordship seglar by the later Count of Uceda until 1593, When, through the Royal Charter Execution obtains category of Villa Real by jurisdictional. Its geographical enclave has always been of great importance, because that's where the Camino Real de Burgos was passing. Until the end of the eighteenth century it had a lot of relevance as it was a transcendental place of rest of merino sheep huts, emphasized by the shepherds of "La Mesta". During 12 became part of Guadalajara until in 1822 included in the province of Madrid.

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    Municipality information

    Altitude: 920 m

    Nº people: 785 (data INE 2020)

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