• Lozoyuela


    Buscasendas was born as a project of sustainable self-employment, initially backed by the Madrid Board of Mountain Areas.

    The purposes for which said project was endorsed continue today as the original:

    Provide knowledge and experiences in the natural environment, through the practice of mountain hiking, and to help you enjoy our mountains in a safe way, conscious and respectful.

    Buscasendas is dedicated to facilitating and adapting experiences in nature, on the basis of the practice of the mountain hiking.

    We organize excursions and tailor-made courses, and we carry them out in the surroundings of the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

    Our activities are based on simplicity and minimum resources to learn how to enjoy nature. We not organize activities that require very specific techniques or material (For example: Canyoning, climbing, mountaineering, etc.).

    Is prerequisite to participate be of age or, in the case of special programs (For example, with children), be accompanied by those responsible.

    For any request for training in hiking/mountaineering and active leisure in the natural environment, inclusive and adapted for people with physical disabilities (blindness and visual impairment, deafness, deaf and disabled access) refers to the amiga Association project Eidos, specialists and pioneers in this field (www.proyectoeidos.es)

    Contact information

    28752 Lozoyuela Madrid

    606 091 993

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