• Robregordo: Live the rural life of the Sierra Norte de Madrid in its smallest municipality

    This week we present Robregordo, municipality located in the Middle Valley of the Lozoya in the stunning territory of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, to 91 km from the capital.

    This villa is located in the mountain range's Somosierra, surrounded by a tremendously steep landscape: the highest peaks above sea level are the high of the Cebollera new (1.832 m) and height of Colgadizos (1.834 m).

    Robregordo panorámica. Imagen de la Dirección General de Turismo, Consejería de Economía e Innovación Tecnológica, CAM

    View of Robregordo by General Directorate of tourism. Ministry of economy and technological innovation. Comunidad de Madrid. Licensed CC BY 3.0 IS

    Robregordo is one of the last municipalities in the Sierra Norte de Madrid before leaving the community, and the smallest in population: only 45 neighbors live today in the village. In the middle of the last century was a station on the railway line coming in the municipality, currently in disuse, but the tunnel still exists.

    Nature lovers will not be disappointed, as a short distance from the city centre starts the Dehesa Boyal, an enclave of highly relevant landscape and ecological because of the high number of plant species that are located here: Robles, Birch, yew trees, Service trees and other shrubs are just some of the types of plants you will find. Although undoubtedly the main resource of nature of Robregordo is his famous Hollin, whose uniqueness is that, as a general rule, the masses of Holly trees tend to be part of the understory of beech and oak forests (not found in isolation), and in this enclave, Holly is the protagonist. In this haven of peace and tranquillity, you will have the opportunity to see spectacular unspoiled and scenic spaces. It is quite possible that in this territory were no grouse in the past, as the "red ball" Holly are their favorite food.

    Dehesa. www.turismorobregordo.es

    Dehesa” by city of Robregordo

    Taking a stroll in Robregordo, You can visit some of its magnificent architectural examples, as the parish church of Santa Catalina, Calle real. Outdoor view masonry and building dated in the mid-17TH century, It was remodelled in the 20th century. Three ships with wood and three tower supports, houses some remarkable carvings. A semicircular atrio-mirador tops set.

    Iglesia de Santa Catalina en Robregordo.  Imagen de la Dirección General de Turismo, Consejería de Economía e Innovación Tecnológica, CAM

    Church of Santa Catalina in Robregordo by General Directorate of tourism. Ministry of economy and technological innovation. Comunidad de Madrid. Licensed CC BY 3.0 IS

    Iglesia-3. www.turismorobregordo.es

    Church-3 by city of Robregordo

    If you're looking to do some hiking in the area, you will see that there are quite a few cattle trails that run through the municipality: the own Cañada Real Segovia is the Calle Real. We propose a route hiking by la Acebeda which will give you the opportunity to see some stunning panoramic views of the wisdom of the Sierra del Rincón. The city also offers you the realization of some sections of routes by la Acebeda, In addition to numerous information resources of the municipality and images in 360 °.


    Routes and activitiesby city of Robregordo

    The recreational area "El Plantío", in the upper part of the municipality, It is departure point of local routes and a perfect space for barbecues (fans can also throw a party on its football field).

    Recreational area planting-1by city of Robregordo

    Recreational area planting-2by city of Robregordo

    In addition to its splendid natural and cultural heritage, in Robregordo breathes an atmosphere of neighborhood and cooperation between residents. This is the reason why, for the last two years is celebrating"Robregordo in action"", a charity event aimed at raising funds for various entities that help collective vulnerable.

    The absence of restaurants in the town does not make you flinch: There is a cafe next to the town hall where you can take a restorative coffee before you continue your route. And if you want to stay overnight in Robregordo, You can see where to do it here.

    Sierra Norte de Madrid. Naturally Rural.

    Photographs: Directorate-General for tourism (Ministry of economy and technological innovation. Comunidad de Madrid), Ayuntamiento de Robregordo, Directorate-General for tourism (Ministry of economy and technological innovation CAM), PedroMix (Wikimedia), Ayuntamiento de Robregordo.

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