Mountain bike (MTB)

No doubt, the queen of the area. The variety of trails and forest tracks that run through the Sierra Norte allows the realization of many routes with our MTB. In this section we offer you a selection of them, some signposted and some don't, so you'll have to use a GPS or a map. Whatever your level, the Sierra Norte has a tailor-made itinerary.

Bustarviejo Valle Hermoso. MTB

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 14,3 km
Desnivel +: 360 m

Los Altos de la Morcuera. MTB

Home: Rascafría
Distance: 31,7 km
Desnivel +: 826 m

Route of the backrest. MTB

Home: Lozoyuela
Distance: 20,7 km
Desnivel +: 443 m

Return to the banner. MTB

Home: Bustarviejo
Distance: 19,6 km
Desnivel +: 450 m

Camino Natural of the Valle del Lozoya

Home: Several villages.
Distance: 39 km
Desnivel +: 477 m

Genaro-GR300 Path. MTB

Home: Several villages
Distance: 71,4 km
Desnivel +: 2094 m

The sources of the Jarama. MTB

Home: Horcajuelo de la Sierra
Distance: 32,7 km
Desnivel +: 911 m

CiclaMadrid MTB Tour

Home: Several municipalities
Distance: 213 km
Desnivel +: 4830 m

Return to the Porrejón. MTB

Home: Puerto de La Puebla
Distance: 16,8 km
Desnivel +: 451 m

Los Altos del Hontanar. MTB

Home: Lozoya
Distance: 42,8 km
Desnivel +: 913 m

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