• Watermelon and banana shake

    Recipe ceded by Organic Outbreaks

    Watermelon and banana shake


    Ingredients for 4 people:

    • 500 GR. watermelon.
    • 2 Bananas.
    • 2 tablespoons of coconut sugar
    • 500 ml. milk.(or vegetable milk)
    • Sugar and water to decorate the glasses (Optional).
    • Ice crushed to taste.


    A while before taking the watermelon and banana smoothie, put the glasses in the freezer so they're really cold. Chop the watermelon and remove the nuggets. Peel and chop bananas.

    Add the fruit to the blender glass with the sugar and crush everything until a liquid mixture remains.

    Water the fruit with the milk and continue to crush until all ingredients are fully integrated.

    To decorate the glasses: pour some water into one plate and some sugar in another. Lightly dip the edge of the glass into the dish with water and, below, impregnates the edge of the glass with the sugar to stick. This technique is widely used in cocktails and is called frosting.

    Serve the watermelon and banana smoothie in your frosted glasses with chopped ice to taste.


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