• Navalafuente

    Association Albala

    The Albala agro-ecological Association for Social Inclusion is made up of a group of people United by the sensitivity towards the integration of groups at risk of exclusion, as well as by organic farming and nature fans.

    We are a team with a wide variety of ages and professions, I work as a whole and on a voluntary basis to make this project a reality, with our effort and enthusiasm.

    When we started our journey in April of 2015, We were 4 people. Now we are almost 50 adult volunteers. Children make us good company.

    Our goal is to provide training and employment in the field of ecological agriculture, people at risk of social exclusion. Activities that support our financing are:

    • Transfer of micro-gardens of 24m 2. Right obtained to contribute a monthly fee to the Association of 28 €, If the partner is take care of your garden, or €50, If we take care

    • Sale of vegetables, with the possibility of the purchaser to collect directly from la mata.

    • Extensive programming of activities in our garden, for children and adults. Also for people with functional diversity.

    Contact information

    C/Corralillo, 23. 28729 Navalafuente. (Madrid)

    605 253 026

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