Agritourism, Educación ambiental y agroecología


Nature, the conservation, sustainability are concepts that we value people who live in natural areas. The Sierra Norte can boast of being the best preserved area of Madrid, and that to a large extent is due to the sustainability of the jobs and uses of the mountain that has been made in this region for centuries.

To be able to conserve and preserve the natural wealth we have to transmit these teachings and values to children and the population in general. The Sierra Norte is as a great classroom full of natural knowledge, with a long scientific tradition started at the end of the 19th century, that it endures even today, inherited by people that today they develop their work transmitting and teaching youth and adults the secrets of these mountains, the traditions of their people, responsible for agriculture, the management of livestock, or utilities, medicinal or culinary, that since ancient times have given to wild plants.

Likewise, from this premise that knowing is to preserve, knowledge of flora and wildlife of the Sierra Norte and all the benefits that this gives us can be understood from the hand of real professionals and enthusiasts by the natural environment that not only they will transmit us your knowledge, but also their love for the Wildlife of these mountains, and thus contribute to the conservation of the natural environment.

If you want to learn about the work and the more traditional uses of del monte in the Sierra Norte, We have experts that will help you to know as a traditional Orchard works, the management of livestock, forest harvesting, beekeeping, or even to collect berries... have fun learning!


Beekeeping is an ancient activity has had the man in own benefit by taking advantage of all the products that made the bees.

Great Agrotourism Plans, Educación ambiental y agroecología
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