Canencia Birch

    The birch of Canencia is located in the vicinity of the Port of Canencia (1524m), one of the mountain passes which leads to the Sierra Norte de Madrid. Located at the foot of the Sierra de Morcuera, has a privileged natural environment, town of pine forests, and one of the best recreational areas of the Sierra Norte.

    In the area of the Birch, the number of species is as abundant as amazing, Since there is, even, some as unusual as the Douglas fir, other ones from different latitudes such as the protagonist of this space, birch and several protected such as holly and ylow as part of a rich undergrowth. In addition, the Pyrenean and wild pine trees reach infinite heights. This type of island forests, is one of the botanical rarities of the Sierra Norte, being geographically in the central peninsular area, keeps more specific species from both the North and the North in specific locations, like the peninsular South

    To travel the Birch there is a simple route that runs along the birch forest and that we can start from the same port of Canencia. The route begins next to the Fountain of the Raja, an impressive fountain from which water flows between large rocks. The itinerary called Ecological Path or path of the stream of the mast of the maillo also passes through the viewpoint of the Chorrera de Mojonavalle: place of singular beauty with an impressive waterfall.


    Parking and recreational area of the port of Canencia

    CTRA. M-629. km. 8

    The Abedular of Canencia is one of the botanical rarities of the Sierra Norte, as it is a kind of northernr latitudes.

    Routes in the Canton Birch

    > Maillo Sestil Creek Path

    Other resources of nature

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