• FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN. Plans in the Sierra Norte de Madrid

    ¡A trotar!

    horseback riding

    The finde arrives and everyone wants to do something different, but sometimes the activities that can and want to make the seniors are not good for the children and vice versa. This won't happen to you if you're encouraged to take a horseback ride. During the time you spend riding you will be the same, it doesn't matter the age, you will all learn at once and each will be responsible for directing your horse and understanding yourself with it. You may be surprised to see how little ones learn to jog before their parents and that in a little while they are explaining to the elders how to do things with absolute naturalness.

    You will enjoy sharing the landscapes, sensations, to see the storks in their nests, the calves running or the doves flying, but above all you will enjoy sharing your time and you will spend some time without mobiles (except for taking pictures 😉) no video games or tablets, teaching your children other ways to enjoy nature.

    20 € per person

    Meeting point: Equestrian Demei.

    Dates: Any time of the year.

    Duration: 1 time.

    It includes: Guide and route.

    Do not forget to: Bring long pants, footwear (sports or boots).

    Other: El uso de casco es obligatorio durante el paseo a caballo, If you don't have pay what you. We also provide young children a safety vest. We do groups according to the level. If you don't know we give a few basic notions on the runway before leaving. For longer routes or any questions consult. Call to reserve route.

    It organizes / Contact

    Equestrian Demei

    663 355 599

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