Middle of the Lozoya valley

Coming from the high Valley of the Lozoya, or of the NI, access from the carretera comarcal M-604, while from Buitrago it is accessed by the M-634 and from Colmenar Viejo and Miraflores de la Sierra by the M-629 through the Port of Canencia until reaching this beautiful Middle Valley of lozoya.

Enough of the first stretch of the Valley of the Lozoya River elevations, they exceed the 2000 metres above sea level. The high slopes that descend from them contrast with the wide, flat Valley floor. These features of the landscape and climatic conditions occurring in it have conditioned the vegetation that can grow spontaneously, and also use that man has been able to make of the territory.

In the middle lozoya valley, the waters of the Lozoya River become calmer, the ground softens its slopes and the Valley itself becomes more open. The Highlands are devoid of trees, like the very rocky areas. By the slopes alternating oak and the pine forest of reforestation.

When pine opens, gives rise to grasslands, in the vicinity of the streams of water and reservoir there are also small surrounded by groves meadows, and a narrow border of leafy composed mainly of ash and Turkey oak. Originated by surface sources or escarpments of ditches, flooded lands are formed, in the manner of peatland vegetation rich in herbaceous plants.

The different colors and textures of the vegetal masses allows you to differentiate plant formations in the distance.

In this natural setting a historical heritage - integrates artistic varied, in which religious architecture is mixed with good examples of civil architecture, most of them related to traditional culture serrana (branding Colts, Mills, old forges, sources, Pajares, etc.). Many of these architectural elements have been restored and rehabilitated, well as rural accommodation, well as small ethnographic museums that teach the visitor activities and crafts of our ancestors.

Municipalities that make up this sub-region is characterized by its small population and its links always to Buitrago del Lozoya, It would be the exception of them all in terms of the number of inhabitants. Its long tradition of livestock is reflected in the landscapes of meadows and pastures that still today, While farming has been abandoned progressively, configured the physiognomy of these lands.

The Middle Valley of Lozoya offers all kinds of possibilities and tourist resources, as well as a wide range of activities related with environmental and cultural tourism and rural tourism.

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