• 5 summer routes in Sierra Norte Madrid

    Do you feel like walking through nature and escaping the heat under the shade of trees or by the course of a river? Then, we propose 5 very fresh routes through the Sierra Norte de Madrid, so that you can enjoy the natural air conditioning that Mother Nature offers us.

    5 summer routes in Sierra Norte Madrid

    1-Somosierra's pretty pasture.

    Although it is in autumn when the wide variety of deciduous tree species that populate the pasture dyes its leaves with varied ranges of colors forming a spectacular mosaic, this is an ideal route to do all year round, and especially in summer, if we want to spend some time in the cool walking under the shade. The existence of birch trees, mustards, Robles, Cherry trees, Hazel... all of them deciduous trees, offer a thick shadow and the location of the pasture at an altitude of 1500 above sea level under the influence of Atlantic currents that sneak through the port, cause the temperature to drop a few degrees. One of the most beautiful pastures in the Sierra Norte in Madrid. It's perfect to do with kids.

    2-Senda por los robles centenarios. Puebla de la Sierra.

    Beautiful route, for all audiences, under the shadow of centuries-old oaks where you can still see the imprint of the ancient trade of coal. The route that starts from the same square of Puebla de la Sierra, goes up the course of the slope stream so we can also observe other species such as shaky poplars, willows, as well as cherry trees, plums and apple trees in orchard areas.

    3-Laguna Grande de Peñalara and Bird Lagoon.

    Peñalara's big lagoon, located about about 1900 altitude: m, and one of the jewels of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is a place where if we don't find ourselves on days of extreme heat can be done in summer and we will feel the freshness of the breeze that runs at this point. We start the route in the Port of Cotos (Rascafría), the first part of the route travels under a pine forest so the leftover is assured. If we see each other strongly, we can continue to the Bird Lagoon, that's yes, in this stretch there are no shadows anymore, but as we said earlier, at the height where both gaps are located, the temperature is lower than other enclaves.

    4-On the side of the Jarama

    Departing from the Port of Cardoso (Montejo de la Sierra) or from the town of Hiruela we have this beautiful itinerary that runs largely along a path next to a very young Jarama River. In addition to being highly recommended in autumn, because of the wide variety of deciduous species that bring great color to the landscape, it's also in summer, being a very cool route, always under the shade of the trees that populate the course of the Jarama (Hazel, Alders, Ash, willows, Birch...). In addition, gives us the opportunity to visit the flour mill of La Hiruela, the traditional colmenar and the beautiful village of La Hiruela.

    5-The Water Route (Patones)

    We couldn't on this section of summer routes, leave aside the Lozoya River, jarama make up the two most important watercourses in the Sierra Norte in Madrid. In this case starting from the Pontón de la Oliva, we will accompany the Lozoya in a backwater area where the river draws wide meanders under the shade of pretty fresnedas that offer us a shaded path to the lozoya. This path can be done on foot or by bike.

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