• Garganta de los Montes

    Agritourism the Capriolo

    Are you tired of always the same rural tourism? Tooodo spend the weekend stuck in a House with a fireplace and blanket...

    Come to enjoy our rural "El Capriolo" Center!

    And you may ask you is that of "Agrotourism"?

    As well tell you that as a definition, It's all that catering establishment found in the rural environment and which has at the same time, with an associated agricultural holding.


    In our case, our partner farm, is based on ranching. An cows breed Charolais cattle, He runs our family for several generations.

    Therefore at Agroturismo El Capriolo our goal is to offer you a different rural tourism, tourism that helps evaluate the relationship between landscape, tradition and nature, as well as the possibility to learn and have fun discovering our everyday tasks, in the fields of agriculture and livestock, muydivertidas and interesting for visitors of our agritourism.

    Contact information

    More cruise, 17, 28743 Garganta de los Montes (Madrid)

    610 079 335 / 91 869 6607

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